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2020-01-31 Cahthy Zhao 5 收藏 纠错&举报
原文标题:Union Budget 2020: BJP recommends tax tweaks to attract foreign investors
译文简介:简单的税收减免是行不通的。 印度需要深层次的结构改革来实现长期增长,只有莫迪政府才能采取这些措施,因为它深得民心。 
NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led party has recommended adjusting rules on taxing equity market returns in the upcoming budget on February 1  , which if accepted, could attract more capital inflows into the stock markets, a senior party leader said.
Financial market participants have been lobbying for scrapping long term capital gains tax (LTCG) on investment in equity or equity-oriented funds or extending the holding period from the current one year to two years with nil tax.
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India charges 15% short-term capital gains tax if equity shares are sold within a year and at 10% if sold after a year.
Another demand has been for an amendment to dividend distribution tax (DDT) rules.

新德里电:莫迪总理领导的政党建议在2月1日即将到来的预算中调整对股市回报征税的规则,如果被接受,可能会吸引更多资本流入股市,一位该党高级领导人说。 金融市场参与者一直在游说取消长期资本利得税,以投资于股票或股票型基金,或将持有期从当前的一年延长至两年,不征收任何税。 

Saurabh K
That's a good move by FM and BJP. FDI shud increase in India.

这是财政部长和人民党实施的一个好政策。 印度的外国直接投资应该增加。 

Sarang Nath
If these ammendments happens then its Welcome Change.


Ramesh Sargam
Whatever Modi government does to attract foreign investors, there is always something for this Congress and its allies to find fault and if possible to go on protest by instigating youth of India.


Jasmeet Kohli
Simple tax breaks will not work. India needs deep structural reforms for long term growth and only Modi govt can take these steps as it has majority

简单的税收减免是行不通的。 印度需要深层次的结构改革来实现长期增长,只有莫迪政府才能采取这些措施,因为它深得民心。 

Gaga Gamer
DDT is the most repressive tax where the same income is taxed again, and again, and again - THREE times. Company , which is nothing but a group of individuals called shareholders, makes a profit. This profit is first taxed as Corporate Tax The balance profit is "returned" to the shareholders as dividend. This is taxed the second time as DDT. And adding insult to injury, the individual receiving it is again taxed - the THIRD time as Personal Tax. The income is the same - but taxed 3 times.....all without any "Value Add".

股息分配税是最具压制性的税种,同样的收入被重复征税三次。 公司只不过是一群被称为股东的个人在盈利。 这些利润首先作为公司税纳税,其余利润作为股息“返还”给股东。 这是二次征税的股息分配税的规定。 更糟糕的是,个人再次被征税——第三次征税即为个人所得税。 收入和以前一样,但是要交3次税。所有这些举措都没有任何“附加值”。 

Kumarshri Saraswat
As long s realty sector is not revived, no measure will help.


Ravi Shankar
Worst Central Govt ever... Only fake promises and nothing in action except focussing on hinduism.. what it is going to develop our country focussing on one particular religion? Are you ruling country or temple?

有史以来最糟糕的中央政府… 只有虚假的承诺,除了印度教,什么都没有。 专注于一种特定的宗教对我们国家的发展有什么影响? 你是在统治国家还是在统治寺庙? 

Umesh Kumar 
Public has no job , hence no money. Only corrupts have all the money , who never pay taxes.

公众没有工作,因此没有钱。 只有腐败分子才有钱,而且他们从来不交税。 

Bllog Suri
BJPs only priority is religious divisions and war. All else takes the backseat.

人民党的当务之急是宗教分裂和战争。 其他的事情都是次要的。 

I have immense respect on you madam. Please reduce our Income Tax burden. Traders and Businessmen earn more than salaried employees like me and pay rock bottom tax and enjoy their profits. Whereas, I earn less and pay more tax compared to them. Please reduce our burden madam.

我非常尊敬您,部长女士。 请减轻我们的所得税负担。 商人比像我这样的受薪雇员挣得多,付着最低的税,享受着利润。 然而,与他们相比,我挣的少,交的税却多。 请减轻我们的负担。 

Pawan Soni
Will they do something for private sector salaried employees or we will just keep have to waiting till infinity for acha din?


Naresh Kumar
This FM and PM has destroyed Indian economy carefully built by cong from last 70 years.. fools at work.. living in fools paradise.. the change one thing and again they change back.. its just to and fro.. no forward movement at all..

这个部长和总理毁掉了国大党70年来精心打造的印度经济。 他们的工作太愚蠢了. . 生活在愚人的天堂里… 他们改变了一件事,然后又打回原样。 只是来来回回的重蹈覆辙… 完全没有前进的进展… 

Uday Gohil
BJP fouled culture and aganda implications which creating unrest in the country is the biggest hurdle and threatening for foreign investors. 


Amar No 
Salaried employees who are the only honest taxpayers must be respected by BJP........their anger will throw out BJP in many urban pockets


Bijju Francis
Modi only know taxing people, ediots modi and Kaitlyn and government,they looting Indian investors...


Mahendra Vir Saxena
Only individual needs to be taxed. Why should recipients pay tax on dividends. Let individuals live in peace. During Congress regime, BJP wanted income tax on individuals should be removed or limits should be increased substantially, however they now remember corporates only.

只有个人需要纳税。 为什么受助人要为股息纳税? 让人民和平的生活吧。 在国大党执政期间,人民党希望取消个人所得税或大幅提高个人所得税上限,但他们现在只记得调整企业所得税,而不记得调整个人所得税。 

Bllog Suri
Everything with bjp is hindu muslim.


Roshan Amex
Madam, kindly re-vist the income tax slabs, they are not in sync with todays inflation and cost of living.


One thing is for sure , Nirmala will deliver a flop budget and all blind bhakts will jump in joy shouting Modi Modi Modi . God save India and honest Indians

有一件事是肯定的,Nirmala会提出一个失败的预算法案,而所有盲目的支持者都会欢呼着莫迪万岁。 上帝保佑印度和诚实的印度人吧 

Shakthi Natarajan
The same people didn't want any favours from Amazon


Infa Roche
it dint help in bringing more investors ???  
BjP just wants adani and Ambani to become a big billionaires that's it nothing else

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