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2020-01-27 墨点er 5 收藏 纠错&举报
原文标题:Indians rush for US citizenship before Trump can shut doors
译文简介:孟买电:由于唐纳德·特朗普政府移民政策的不确定性,加上在美人员希望在今年即将到来的选举中投票,导致许多居住在美国的移民选择成为美国公民。 在2019财年(截至2019年9月30日的12个月期间),共有83.4万移民获得美国公民身份,创11年新高,较上年增长9.5%。 
MUMBAI: Uncertainty over the Donald Trump administration’s immigration policies, coupled with a desire to vote in the upcoming elections this year, have led many immigrants residing in the US to opt for citizenship. 
In fiscal year 2019 (12-month period ended September 30, 2019), 8.34 lakh immigrants were conferred American citizenship, an eleven-year high, and a rise of 9.5% over the previous year.

孟买电:由于唐纳德·特朗普政府移民政策的不确定性,加上在美人员希望在今年即将到来的选举中投票,导致许多居住在美国的移民选择成为美国公民。 在2019财年(截至2019年9月30日的12个月期间),共有83.4万移民获得美国公民身份,创11年新高,较上年增长9.5%。 

Desmond Harris
Donald Trump is not against legal immigration. Anyway the Democrats want illegal migrants to vote as well.

唐纳德·特朗普并不反对合法移民。 无论如何,民主党希望非法移民也能投票。 

Umapathy Rao 
The more indians they allow the better they would be. What USA today has a big contribution from Indian immigrants.

他们允许的印度移民越多,他们得到的利益就越大。 印度移民对今天美国的强大做出了巨大贡献。 

Raghav Rao
More than 50% in the queue are from AP / Telangana software sperms with the fake degree certificates.

移民中超过50%的人使用AP / Telangana软件,他们使用的是伪造的学位证书。 

Some have the misconception that Indians built USA. Infact, Indians moved to a well established country called USA and if anything, the modern breed of fake degrees has degraded the US work ethics not to mention right wing white nationalists.

有些人错误地认为是印度人建造了美国。 事实上,是印度人搬到了一个被称为美国的成熟国家,如果说有什么不同的话,那就是现代的假学位降低了美国的工作道德,更不用说右翼白人民族主义者对美国工作道德的破坏了。 

Ajit Grewal
These are the patriotic pro howdy modi bhai? Amazing US indians - keep up the great patriotism

这些移民是爱国的亲莫迪主义者? 神奇的美裔印度人----继续保持你们的伟大的爱国主义吧 

Feku Feku
(1) please explain why cow worshipers go to any extend (illegal included) to get into Christian countries (who propose eating beef and non veg) so disparately? Why do cow worshipers want ricebags?
(2) Country should make it mandatory for non-US based people to mandatorily eat beef (just like how chaddi gang is banning beef in India).
(3) Wish Trump passes a CAA equivalent law in US. Any Hindu immigrant coming from India (where majority is Hindus) should be kicked out immediately (revoked citizenship/ visa / green card.
(4) Temples should be demolished, celebrated and Churches built (just like Babri Masjid), because it is Christian country.

(1)请解释一下为什么崇拜神牛的人会如此不顾一切地(包括非法的)进入基督教国家(美国是一个喜欢吃牛肉而不喜欢吃蔬菜的国家)? 为什么崇拜神牛的人还要吃米? 
 (3)希望特朗普在美国通过一项和CAA同等的法律。 任何来自印度的印度移民(大多数是印度教徒)都应该被立即驱逐(撤销公民身份/签证/绿卡)。 

Anyone even with a modicum of skills wants to leave the country. In the meanwhile we continue to reward mediocrity through the stupid reservation policy.

任何有一丁点技能的人都想离开这个国家。 与此同时,我们继续通过愚蠢的预订政策来奖励平庸之辈。 

NRIs returning to India once every few years, has never been a problem. The hardest part is staying in India for more than a few weeks.

其他裔印度人每隔几年回印度一次,这从来都不是问题。 最难的是在印度待上几个星期。 

Indians running away from their own country due to lack of jobs, massive corruption, lawlessness and high probability of being killed/raped anytime anywhere for anyreason.


don't rush for US citizenship, here in India lots of opportunities, in Ayothya of Uttar Pradesh, lots of vacancies available, because Ram Mandir work started lots of youngsters needed as construction workers and pakkoda boys , at the end money will be poured upon everyone from heaven , you can live luxuriously .

不要急于获得美国公民身份,在印度有很多机会,在北方邦的阿约西亚,有大量的空缺的岗位,因为Ram Mandir寺庙开始修缮,需要很多年轻人做建筑工人,最后,每个人都能拿到很多钱,因此,最终你可以过上奢靡的生活。 

These are the same blooming hypocrites who support intolerance and bigotry back home: the Howdy Modi gang.
The U.S. government should treat them with the same intolerance that they promote and fund in India.


Deepak Soni
No hard working person with sense of honesty and intelligence is interested in living in India. India is meant only for politicians and bureaucrats and religious leaders and hard core criminals. Indian politicians and bureaucrats are deliberately producing more clerks and compelling entrepreneurs to leave India.

没有一个勤奋、诚实和聪明的人对生活在印度感兴趣。 印度只适合政客、官僚、宗教领袖和核心罪犯生活。 印度的政客和官僚们正在故意制造更多的职员,迫使企业家离开印度。 

Modi is welcoming here and they are running after Trump.


The Sane Man
I dont think its donald trump issue I feel seening Modi here they are even more scraed of the future of India. They clean toilets, serve and drive the white beef eating man and on many times kisses his feet. The weird part is once they come to India or are online they become religous fanatics and attack minorites in India. its weird !!!!

我不认为这是唐纳德·特朗普的问题,印度有莫迪,他们更担心印度的未来。 他们打扫厕所,招待吃牛肉的白人,并给他们开车,对他们卑躬屈膝。 奇怪的是,一旦他们来到印度或上网,他们就变成了宗教狂热分子,攻击印度的少数民族。 这些人简直太奇葩了! ! ! ! 

Republic Monk
These are the same Indians who normally says that Modi is building India like anything and rush for US citizenship.


Greaton Fernandes
Its not about Modi or Trump, more Indians are applying for PR and citizenship in other countires too, Getting better life in India is much more difficult, there’s absolutely no honesty in workpplaces or quality of life in society, all this has more to do with people, hope peple realize and change, There is still hope and I still vouch for Bharath, jai hind.


Datuk Seri Mohammed
Indians r beggar no 1. Always begging for citizenship of other countries. Even in Malaysia so many indian from Tamil Nadu r begging for Malaysia citizenship. Shameful Indians

印度拥有世界上最多的乞丐。总是乞求获得其他国家的公民身份。 即使在马来西亚,也有许多来自泰米尔纳德邦的印度人乞求获得马来西亚国籍。 可耻的印度人。 

Desh Premi
Those who could not get US citizenship please come to India. You can get free food ration loan school cycle TV saree and more. You don’t need to work. Moreover, with all the free stuff what will you do with your time? You can protest. We are democracy. India welcomes you. You can live happily and then breed like mosquitoes.

那些无法获得美国公民身份的人,请到印度来。 你可以得到免费的食物定量贷款,可以上学,会有自行车,电视和其他更多福利。 你不需要工作。 而且,有了这些免费的东西之后,你会怎么利用你的时间呢? 你可以抗议。 我们非常民主。 印度欢迎你。 你可以快乐地生活,然后像蚊子一样繁衍后代。 

Rahul Ahuja
Most of Indians who want USA citizenship are from Gayy Gujarat and Fakers Gultis Telugus


Those who are lucky who leave india under modi now.This illiterate fanatic will restart all wars within nation and riots will become way of life for decades.


hypocrite indians...say har har modi here and queue up in muslim and christian countries...now we know why it took so long to gain independence from british...becasue of such chamchagiri and fakeness


Our so called industrialists are doing nothing to set up industries for increasing employment. They only import cheap chinese goods and market them. So Indians have no choice but to go out.

我们所谓的实业家没有为增加就业而大兴工业。 他们只进口廉价的中国商品并进行销售。 所以印度人别无选择,只能走出去。 

Naresh Shah 
Dear Richard Chacko. What Americans eat, it is their problem. Living in United States is 100 times better than living in India. May god bless ignorant people like you.

亲爱的理查德·查柯。 美国人吃什么是他们自己的问题。 住在美国比住在印度好100倍。 愿上帝保佑像你这样无知的人。 

Gurnish Gurnish
This shows how frustrated people are from India.


The real reason for Indians applying for citizenship is because they now know India won't be habitable in a few years. Very soon India will turn from the land of Mahatma to land of Godse, the saffron taliban.

印度人申请公民身份的真正原因是,他们现在知道,几年后印度将无法居住。 很快,印度就会从圣雄的土地转向神的土地,出现藏红花版的塔利班分子。 

Aryan Thakur
Haha the nationalist bhaktards rushing to get U.S citizenship...


Danny Rand
Why are Indians rushing? Are these the same Indian Diaspora who believes that Modi is a demi god, a reincarnation that has already changed India to a new India. If yes, why they want citizenship elsewhere? These are the same morons who sitting in US WhatsApp their friends in India to support Modi because he is doing "good" but would refrain from coming back to India. 2019 saw the most H1 B Visa applications as well as the most PR applications for UK, Canada and Australia / NZ in last 10 ... 

为什么印度人如此匆忙? 他们和相信莫迪是半神的印度侨民是同一批人吗,转世说已经把印度变成了一个新的印度。 如果是,为什么他们想获得其他地方的公民身份? 这些人都是身处美国的白痴,他们在印度的朋友支持莫迪,因为莫迪在做“好事”,但他们自己不会回印度。 在过去10年里,2019年去英国、加拿大和澳大利亚/新西兰的H1 B签证申请数量最多,公关申请也最多。 

This reflects our national pride under the nationalist government of Shri modiji. We want to go to USA n live well n develop that nation as Gujarat

这反映了我们在莫迪领导的民族主义政府下的民族自豪感。 我们想去美国,好好生活,像发展古吉拉特邦那样发展美国。 

Eagle Bird
What rushes people around the world to America ? Meritocracy, dignity of labour, honesty , innovation, equal treatment to all , not corruption , dishonesty, reservation, communalism, feudalism makes a great nation. It's time all Indians start focussing on those qualities to build the nation.

是什么促使世界各地的人们涌向美国? 是任人唯贤,尊重劳动,诚实,创新,平等对待所有人,而不是腐败,不诚实,保守,集体主义,封建主义,造就了美国,这样一个伟大的国家。 现在是所有印度人开始关注这些品质来建设印度的时候了。 

Arif Khan
90% of Indians that leave India NEVER return.. Because life is much better in the USA . Many start eating beef and Pork also . Indian Cows are so Sickly and weak not worth eating . American Cows are healthy and very tasty .. Try BIG MAC MCDONALD BURGER

90%离开印度的印度人永远不会回来了… 因为美国的生活更好。 许多人也开始吃牛肉和猪肉了。 印度的牛又病又弱,根本不值得吃。 美国的牛很健康,味道也很好。 尝尝巨无霸麦当劳汉堡,你就知道了。 
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