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2020-01-24 Lina 10 收藏 纠错&举报
原文标题:Will Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam one day be part of China?
Pablo Gonzalez, lives in Thailand
haha.. this is a quite interesting question. My answer is : this never ever will happen.
According to the 2000 years history of China, southeast Asia didn’t ever be part of China, even at the time that China was the top powerful country. No matter how many dynasties come and go, Chinese looks like only love the land of where they are. They don’t like to move far away and adventure under unknown risk.
I understand that people are scared while new power arising. And western world think it historically that new power definitely want more land, more sea, more people. Well, I cannot say that is totally wrong as which has ever happened quite a lot time in history. Specifically for China, they just request more respect, more equal treatment same as the super power USA and Russia.
Back to history , China treated Japan,Korea, Vietnam as brotherhood. What they were required to do was to show respect to the big brother -China. It is no secret that China beat them down and forced them, which was so common that happened all over the world in history. The biggest difference I have to point out that China never occupied their lands, sometime just beat them to give little brother a lesson. Even in recent 1950s, the Korean war, Chinese military returned to China without a single solider left after help north Korea, especially considering more than 20 thousands Chinese soldiers were killed in that land. Although there were thousands of reasons that China can and would stay in Korea forever, still China went back.
As today, China concentrate developing economics and make people rich. No matter how bad the China government did and doing within its own country, I can say China treat other countries well. Has China invaded the other country like USA or Russia? Frankly, other countries against China just because they are too scared, and wish China back to a weak country because they don’t like a great power sitting next to them. They cannot accept the fact that China has been a great power same as USA or Russian. But does anyone remember China was a super power more than 1000 years in Asia? You can’t treat a new rich strong country like they are nobody. The same as you can’t bully a millionaire that you did it in high school. Things changed, get used to it.
If you want an enemy, there will be an enemy. If you want a friend, there will be a friend. We react that how people treat us, same as country. Don’t close your eyes just because of scary and jealous. One day, you will regret didn’t treat a great power with the way it should be, just like a country that show no respect to Russia years ago and now see what has happened. Don’t make mistakes until it is not too late.

Pablo Gonzalez,住在泰国。
哈哈。这是一个很有趣的问题。我的回答是: 这永远不会发生。
今天,中国集中发展经济,让人民富裕起来。不管中国在国内做得多么糟糕,我敢说中国对其他国家都很好。中国入侵过其他国家吗,比如美国或俄罗斯? 坦率地说,其他国家反对中国只是因为他们太害怕了,他们希望中国回到一个弱国,因为他们不喜欢一个大国坐在他们旁边。他们不能接受这样一个事实,即中国已经成为和美国或俄罗斯一样的大国。但有谁记得1000多年前中国是亚洲的超级大国吗? 你不能像对待无名小卒那样对待一个新富强国。就像你在高中时不能欺负百万富翁一样。世事变迁,要去适应。

Pun Anansakunwat
I am Thai, who has the 100% Chinese descent (All of my grandparents from both sides are Han Chinese). I would say that this is not going to happen.
China has already had its sphere of influence all over the region. China trades with all of these countries, and improves the relations significantly. There is no need to directly control the territory. China can get everything from these countries by trading.
Besides, China already has these separatist issues with Tibet and Xinjiang. China won’t want more lands to create more trouble, especially if China can already get everything by trading.
Throughout the Chinese history, China showed no major interest in conquering the region. The Qing did send an invasion to Burma and Vietnam. However, the army was quite small (only 35,000-50,000 men). It was defeated by Burma and Vietnam.
The most important point here is that China has almost everything that South East Asia (SEA) has, and if China wants something from SEA, this can be done by trading. A complete annexation would rarely benefit China. It just helps create trouble .

Pun Anansakunwat

Randall Burns, Graduate Certificate Software Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University (2006)
Vietnam and Thailand both have strong nationalism. Myanmar has always been pretty distinct from China culturally and ethnically.
Right now, China is developing much more rapidly than these countries. However, I expect a lot of SE Asians may have real problems with just how China is developing right now. The high male to female gender ratio is not something I would personally want to see emulated nor are the high polution levels. I think China is taking some real gambles in those area. If those gambles pay off, China could become an example that would be truly inspiring to others. In that kind of situation, those countries would either need to seriously step up their game or they would become provinces of China in all.

Randall Burns,卡耐基梅隆大学软件工程专业(2006)。

Muhammad Mahboob Ahmed, works at Cambodia
As the time is passing, it had become impossible for any country to invade anywhere. I am living here in Cambodia since last 6 years and have seen the influence of two nations here i.e. China & Vietnam but this influence doesn't mean to capture this nation. On the Chinese New Year a lot of celebrations are made and every second person claim himself or herself as half blood Chinese but that doesn't mean the People of Cambodia will encourage to be part of China.

Muhammad Mahboob Ahmed,在柬埔寨工作。

Jon Morris
Ignoring the fact that the rest of the world would never let this happen, there are many reasons why China wouldn’t want to do this or probably couldn’t even if they wanted to.
The mountainous terrain of Laos and northern Myanmar make it difficult. Thailand would go full defensive as soon as either Myanmar or Laos were invaded. And Vietnam. Oh, Vietnam which has existed for centuries in the shadow of China and was capable of defeating the US in the Indochina War, yeah they are not going to be simple for China to invade.

Jon Morris

samuel, Science student that interest in Humanities
In 21st century, you don't have to take over lands in order to be stronger.
Well, powerful countries still, but more about “economic and political land” instead of geographical land.


Baguette Jaz
Thailand , Cambodia and Laos has similar language system, culture , e.t.c
For Vietnam it belongs to East Asian cultural sphere
But once again , it too HARD to China to invade Vietnam , the populace of Vietnam would be absolutely against it

Baguette Jaz

Ric Lawes, Arrived Thailand 2000, never left!
No. The sovereignty of each country will remain as they are. Differences in language, culture and ideals keep every country independent of the next - with the exception of aggression and wars where mergers take place

Ric Lawes,2000年来到泰国,从未离开!

Alex Nikov, studied at China
the Thais quite different in opinion with China; Myanmar and Vietnam are not warm with China due to historical reason, especially Vietnam; only Laos and Cambodia are welcoming the Chinese.
But even how much, they will never become part of China. Let’s say simple:
Except Vietnam, all of those countries are part of Indianized culture, thus closer to India than China.
Chinese people have been accused for trying to destroy the natures of those countries, notably Vietnam and Myanmar. It gives hostility.
Japan, South Korea, USA, India will not let this happen. Even Taiwan, Indonesia to Australia. How about Russia? Russia doesn’t care but doesn’t mean Russia will let the Chinese do what ever they want.
In the global game, who gain influence will definitely have better advantage.

Alex Nikov,在中国学习。
日本、韩国、美国、印度不会让这种事情发生。甚至中国台湾,印度尼西亚和澳大利亚。俄罗斯呢? 俄罗斯不在乎,但这并不意味着俄罗斯会让中国人为所欲为。
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