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2020-01-26 小馒头 5 收藏 纠错&举报
原文标题:Wealth of India's richest 1% more than 4 times of total for 70% poorest: Oxfam

DAVOS: India's richest 1 per cent hold more than four-times the wealth held by 953 million people who make up for the bottom 70 per cent of the country's population, while the total wealth of all Indian billionaires is more than the full-year budget, a new study said on Monday.
Releasing the study 'Time to Care' here ahead of the 50th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), rights group Oxfam also said the world's 2,153 billionaires have more wealth than the 4.6 billion people who make up 60 per cent of the planet's population.
The report flagged that global inequality is shockingly entrenched and vast and the number of billionaires has doubled in the last decade, despite their combined wealth having declined in the last year.


Nathuram Godse 
If the affluent have got thru illegal means, the law will / should catch up.
Otherwise, a blind hatred towards the Rich n Successful is Hypocrisy n Jealousy .. 
REMEMBER it's coz of capitalists, that we have Jobs, opportunities and facilities.
Agreed there is price rise ... but with limited resources vs exploding population coupled with insane trade union demands wont make things better.
There is enough work around and a populous country like ours there are lots of opportunities. Willingness is the key.


Paul S1493 
Top 1% get the policies from corrupt politicians to help them. Bottom 90% get fake Hindu Muslim issues from the corrupt politicians to distract them. Top 1% already have more money than bottom 90%. Remaining 9% struggle to find ways to leave India for USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, or Middle East.


HappyTimes User788 
this is what BJP wants.


Dravidian Nationalist4558
they have the brains, they earned it. good job by the 1%.


Jagdip Vaishnav459 Jagdip Vaishnav-Mumbai-23 hours ago-Follow
This is world wide phenomenon


Indian Lover8896 
People are equally responsible for this inequality as most of town and rural vote for short term money gains.


Dinesh Dave2605 Dinesh-Nashik-23 hours ago-Follow
The poor is becoming poorer and rich richer day by day. The entire policies are being drafted to favor the rich and affluent. After all they are the ones who find the political parties for fighting elections, strange is the world of democracy!


Chintan Prakash5744 
Dhirubhai Ambani died at age 70. My middle class father lived up to age 82. Mr. Ambani lived a worried life of managing his empire, bribing politicians/officers, tackling competitions, investing money in swiss banks and other tax havens. My father too lived a worried life but of very small issues like managing family budget, welfare of his children etc. At the end, Dhirubhai left billions and my father left few lakhs. Both couldn't take their wealth with them. So, don't worry ... live a happy life and don't compare yourself with anyone.

迪路拜·安巴尼70岁去世。我的中产阶级父亲活到了82岁。安巴尼过着焦虑的生活,管理着自己的帝国,贿赂政客/官员,应对竞争,向瑞士银行和其他避税地 (指税率较低的国家或地区)投资。我的父亲也过着忧虑的生活,但也为一些小事操心,比如管理家庭预算、子女福利等。最后,迪路拜·安巴尼留下了数十亿美元,而我父亲只留下了区区十万卢比。两人都无法带走自己的财富。所以,别担心……过幸福的生活,不要拿自己和别人比较。

Those are friends of Modi.


Human Being597 
Shameless bhakts still will blame Congress and othjer parties !


Chandrahash Rushi2911 
The economic policies of this govt has created a galloping inequality between the different stratas of the society, rising unemployment, corruption, increased wilful defaulters NPAs & society is facing a high risk of sociial unrest. Govt is aware of this danger & hence is trying to divide India based on religion, Forward & Back ward & branding all social unrest as Naxalite, but is unwilling to go to root cause analysis & diagnoisis of this issue


Ramesh Kumar5468 
Sonia vadra raha priyanks are unbelievably rich with looted wealth of Bharatvasis and gold in swiss and vatican banks while common man repairs puncture on road for 10 or 15 rupees.


So Cuba has the most equal distribution of wealth, along with Venezuela. There are no billionaires there. Everyone is equally poor. Indiana are welcome to follow the failed Soviet Union model and remain poor. Billionaires create jobs. Emerging about their wealth rather than the unemployed is most foolish.


Somesh Sahu2211
Still billionaires want to earn more


This entire corruption was created by congress and their goons, who ruin the country econemy for past 60 years.


Remo Remo5938 
If politicians are included in this, they would beat these 1% richest so easily.


Ashok Kumar10937 
Billioners who have created wealth by enterprenures and business are Jems and deserve an Award each. But the hidden Billioners who by scams looted National Wealth to become rich should all be hung upside down till they cough up all looted scam money.


Raju Raju-south 
This is not corruption? 


Aniss Shaikh81 
I agree with Ratan Tata that BJP has vision for India as there is growth for industrialist and Corporate. So they are happy....
They got Tax benefit and what do common man get nothing... Yes we got GDP to lowest Low but we are nicely diverted. 
Educate your child for the future of country and elect educated people to run our country.


Hiren Modi521 
This disparity is only because of the corruption by politicians


Om Associates310 
This is one of the sign of a Fascism coming.


Dyutiman Hazra142 Dyutiman-17 hours ago-Follow
Still Govt reduce the company taxes and make them more wealthy


Bitter Truth1767 
and all these 1% are modi supporters...


dont worry guys .. the poor will also become rich now .. the govt has hiked JNU fees ! Our tax money will be Saved .. 

别担心,伙计们…现在穷人也会变得富有。政府提高了尼赫鲁大学的学费! 我们缴的税款会减少。

Partha Banerjee53
Richest men of India got richer and Indian temple also got richer year after year at a rapid speed and poor people of India got poorer at a rapid speed just due to non transparency in our systems and also the flow of black money and corruption.


Sandeep Basu2047 
They have worked hard to reach these levels. hats off to them...
People who hate them are losers... and why do they beg for jobs in firms owned by these 1% successful people?


Partha_basu partha_basu-14 hours ago-Follow
Indian riches are mostly stingy and filthy. Very few of these folks provide support for good charities.
They should learn from Azam Premji,BillGates, Warren Buffet etc. how to be generous


Harshad B Chauhan8126
They are providing employment to millions and running the vast businesses and companies. If we abolish these businesses, country will go to dogs and thousands will get unemployed.


K Mohan4360 
Those who are rich are becoming more richer


Mooo Republic13396 
These billionaires, how many people are they employing? Directly and indirectly. How many tax payers have they created by giving jobs? What is their contribution to Indias GDP through their businesses or investments? A wise man will look at all aspects before making an unqualified conment.

这些亿万富翁,他们雇佣了多少人? 直接或间接的。他们通过提供就业机会创造了多少纳税人? 他们通过商业或投资对印度GDP的贡献是什么? 一个明智的人在做出一个不合格的决定之前会考虑所有的方面。

Zainul Abedin6867 Zainul-19 hours ago-Follow
Who can touch the Super Rich Billionaires of India ? No Indian Politician can even dare raise his / her voice against them . Why ? Because these super rich guys fund all the political parties' elections campaigns , give black money in cash to the Politicians to buy the votes and the Politicians from all the political parties lick their feet as and when required ? Not only that even the judiciary , police , other department big officers , the whole system is under the shadow of the Super Rich in India ! 

谁敢碰印度的超级富豪一个手指头? 没有一个印度政客敢大声反对他们。为什么? 因为这些超级富豪资助所有政党的竞选活动,给政客们黑钱来买选票,而所有政党的政客们在需要时巴结他们。不仅如此,就连司法、警察、其他部门的大官员,整个体制都笼罩在印度超级富豪的阴影之下! 

Akhilesh Singh
Don't be jealous with other's wealth. Strive to reach there.


Baba GAGA1441 
nothing surprising, it's always been like this and it always will be like this

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