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2020-01-24 暴走的晨晨 5 收藏 纠错&举报
原文标题:Did the US mess up the Middle East?
Deepak S Fernandes, Born in Bahrain, ex-Indian citizen, now a Polish citizen
Yes, the US messed up the Middle East.
1953: the US overthrew a democratically elected Prime Minister Mossadegh in the Operation Ajax. The replacement was a dictatorship under the Shah. The Shah’s excesses led to excesses in return post 1979 and Iran became the Islamic republic of Iran. the USA created this monster that has hurt the US and Iranians. There is a direct line from the US’s overthrow of Mossadegh through to the Islamic republic formation in 1979
1980s: US support (giving weapons, money) for the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. This lead directly to the Taliban and decades of misery in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India (now spreading to Central Asia as well as other parts of the world)
1991: Gulf War One. The USA went to war with a secular monster (Saddam was no angel) who would have kept the Saudi backed jihadis, the Iranian ayatollahs in check. Instead the USA placed infidel troops on Saudi soil, leading to 9/11. This lead to Gulf War 2, to the formation of the Syrian war, Islamic state and all the miseries we see there
American purchase of Saudi oil and selling billion$ of dollars of weapons: the money and weapons have spread misery through the world.
2000s: Bringing down Gaddafi, attempting to bring down Assad without a plan for the future. Net result chaos with millions dead.
I don’t add Israel to this because:
The Israelies don’t really listen to the USA — in 1967 they went their own way and without US support kicked the butts of their enemies
Israel maintains a rough stability vis-a-vis its neighbors. The US plays no real role here.
They ended up shooting themselves in the foot over and over again. 9/11? Caused by a mixture of Gulf War One and supporting the Mujahideen in Afghanistan.

Deepak S Fernandes,出生于巴林,前印度公民,现在是波兰公民。
美国购买了沙特阿拉伯的石油,并出售了价值数十亿美元的武器: 这些钱和武器把苦难传播到了全世界。
他们最终一次又一次地搬起石头砸自己的脚。9/11事件? 这是由海湾战争和支持阿富汗圣战造成的。

Shmuel Aharon Kam
Yes and No.
To various degrees the Middle-East has [almost] “always” been messed-up. It is the meeting point between three continents. This made it a major trade route and of huge strategic importance. So people have been fighting over it since the beginning of recorded history.
The blighted British and the French were the powers responsible for most of the modern mess (20th century to present). Being corrupt Imperialist countries, they divided the Middle-East between them, into areas of control. They later divided these regions into countries, with absolutely no consideration for the social-political divisions. So they basically created countries with terrible internal conflicts. The British were also experts at the Divide and rule tactic. They would deliberately create internal violent conflicts between groups, so that the local population would be divided and weaker. 
The USA deserves “credit” for the current mess. They destroyed Iraq and then left. Leaving behind a failed state, that enabled the Jihadis to come to power and Iranian intervention. They destroyed Libya and then left. They supported the wrong side of the conflict in Egypt, mostly destroying the chance for… democracy.
Yankee go home, and STAY home. Every time the USA gets involved in world politics, things get MUCH worse.

Shmuel Aharon Kam

Shikhar Gupta
No United States did not mess up Middle East. It was already messed up when Ottoman empire fall after World war 1. And after world war 2, when allied powers specially Britain and france divided the areas between them to rule to get maximum natural resources, the whole area got messed up.
United States came into this whole picture after World War 2. When it became the superpower, and it continued to looting Middle east so that it could gain maximum resources that it can by messing up the political situation there.
Hence I can say that No US didn't messed up the situation in Middle east but yeah it did Nothing to stop it but even it spread the fire to gain from it.

Shikhar Gupta

Mark Johnson, Political Leadership (2016-present)
The Middle East has long been unstable. Some of the motivators for this lack of stability date back hundreds of years. It is and was unreasonable to expect a foreign entity to try to take control of and manage an entire region without the invitation of and positive support for such action from all parties involved. The military breaks things and kills people. The military isn’t a nation builder. The region must provide its own desires and abilities to make positive changes. This will take hundreds of years once it actually begins. So; No the US didn’t mess up the Middle East. But thousands of young Americans died along with people of the Middle East, trying to accomplish something that in reality is/was not realistic.

Mark Johnson,政治领袖(2016年至今)。

Buff Parry
America has ruined the Middle East in a different way than the manner in which the French, the British, or the Mongols also had a hand in the ruination of the region. At least the Ottoman Empire was a relatively indigenous kind of colonization of the Middle East, with foods, customs, and many characteristics being familiar to the colonized. But American culture is not connected to the Middle East in the same ways the Ottoman Empire was. Most of the presence of American culture in the Middle East is by way of the U.S. military and things like McDonald’s fast food restaurants. As a Canadian-American, when living and traveling through the Middle East, my Canadian identity has trumped my American identity every time, and that is the result of the answer to the question: Did America ruin the Middle East? Middle Easterners are more comfortable with Canadians for the most part. And this is because America has to some extent and in subtle and not so subtle ways “ruined” the Middle East. It is safe to state that “the ugly American” syndrome characterized as such back in the late 1940s and through the 1950s, is alive and well among the people in places like Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Iran, but less so in much of the Persian Gulf region like Bahrain, for example.

Buff Parry
美国毁灭中东的方式不同于法国、英国或蒙古人,他们也参与了该地区的毁灭。至少奥斯曼帝国是一个相对本土的中东殖民地,因为那里的食物、习俗和许多特征是被殖民者所熟悉的。但美国文化与中东的联系并不像奥斯曼帝国那样紧密。美国文化在中东的大部分存在是通过美国军队和麦当劳快餐店之类的东西。作为一个加拿大裔美国人,当我在中东生活和旅行时,我的加拿大身份每次都胜过了我的美国身份,这就是下面这个问题的答案: 美国毁了中东吗? 在大多数情况下,中东人更喜欢加拿大人。这是因为美国在某种程度上,以一种微妙而又不那么微妙的方式“毁灭”了中东。可以肯定地说,早在20世纪40年代末至50年代,在伊拉克、埃及、沙特阿拉伯、叙利亚、土耳其、伊朗等地的人们中,就存在着“丑陋的美国人”综合症,但在巴林等波斯湾地区的大部分地区,情况就不那么严重了。

Arvin Esfahani, Used to live in Middle East, been to many of its countries
There is a price for everything in the world.
If you want “freedom” in Middle East you have to understand achieving it is going to cost a ton of different things. US, Britain and France started messing up the Middle East when they decided they should “liberate” the people of Middle East costing Middle Eastern lives and futures.
The US continues doing it simply by calling it American interest.
This is what American interests and liberation has brought Middle East.
I am not saying life would be perfect without other countries meddling in the Middle East but I'm sure as hell they haven't improved it one bit.

Arvin Esfahani,以前住在中东,去过很多国家。

Alan Parsi, Engineer and business owner
The US took advantage of the weakness in the Middle East to strengthen its interests which impeded their progress. For example, it used Islam as a shield against the Soviets to stop them from influencing the region. It supported dictators like the Shah of Iran who persecuted politically enlightened people and allowed fanatic Islam to grow. The US even helped Saddam Hussein to attack Iran after the revolution to “balance the power in the Middle East”. It helped the fanatic Muslim rebels in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets, and later these fanatics created Al Qaeda and later ISIS.
So, the US did not start the mess in the Middle East but it used it to its advantage and prevented the progress that was bound to begin.

Alan Parsi,工程师和企业主。
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