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2020-01-31 夏丶沐瑾 5 收藏 纠错&举报
Károly Molnár
I've also been in both American and Chinese big cities and I think Chinese cities look more modern, cleaner and better organized.
America as we see today is an old country. New York still has the oldest and shittiest subway system ever! Changes take time and most citizens don't see them as problems because they've grew up in that.
Modern China however is only 30–40 years old, its development is amazing in such a short time! China wanted to develop so they did everything according to their need of improving their life. Every system is new, maybe even the first in the world because they still focus on development. China can build a whole new city faster than we can construct a new subway station in Hungary…
The other reason is that Chinese people have similar values in life, they value hard work, peace and they don't care what the others believe in. They don't have such religious, social and criminal issues like American cities have. Man, you can't pay me enough to enter Detroit while I can walk midnight in any Chinese park alone without thinking of any danger. Since Chinese cities don't have these issues, their local governments can focus on other things that are important for people like cleanness, modern subways or high speed trains which have better services than most world-class airline companies.

我们今天看到的美国是一个年老的国家。纽约仍然有最旧和最烂的地铁系统! 改变是需要时间的,大多数公民并不认为这是问题,因为他们是在这样的环境中长大的。
然而,现代中国只有30-40岁,在这么短的时间里,它的发展是惊人的! 中国想要发展,所以他们按照自己的需要来改善生活。他们城市的每一个系统都是新的,它甚至可能是世界上第一个会这样进行建设的国家,因为他们仍然关注发展。中国建设一个新城市的速度比我们在匈牙利建一个新地铁站的速度还快。

Alex Louis
Are you kidding? I haven’t been to US, but I have been to Australia before.
In my opinion, Adelaide is more developed than Chinese big cities in most part.
Adelaide(a city of Australia which I lived about half a year) :
It’s easy to find parks in most part of the city, it’s clean and always ready for visitors. In the main road and most park, you can find water faucet which is designed for drink. There are some playground for children which filled with play equipment, it’s free for everyone. The bike road is excellent, and there are several hiking road which is well maintained. There are always equipment designed for disabled person in public area.
Beijing (I lived for more than 5 years) :
There are several big parks in the city, but it may be far from where you live. It’s very very hard to find water faucet for drink, so it’s wise to buy drinking water from store. You can find several playground for children which is behind high walls — it’s build by rich apartment and only for those who live there. There are a lot of cars in bike road, traffic light seems like advice more than order. It’s hard for find thing designed for disabled person, so it’s rare to see them in public area.
Developed city not only means busy road, high buildings, expensive goods in store, but also means a good place for human beings to live. In this way, I insist that cities in China still have a huge distance compare with cities in Australia, not to mention America.

你在开玩笑吧? 我没去过美国,但我以前去过澳大利亚。
阿德莱德 (澳大利亚的一个城市,我在那里住了大约半年):

Don Scult
I have to traveled to many Chinese cities and they usually classified on aTier system,1st tier cities such as Shanghai,Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzen are the most developed and 2nd,3rd tier ect,cities less developed in general!
Shenzen located just across the border from Hong Kong, in 1979 at that time just a few fishing villages today its a mega metropolis of 20 million with mostly brand new infrastructure including Airport,subway systems,freeways,buildings everything is super modern!
But American sunbelt cities such as Phoenix,Dallas,Houston,Austin, Las vegas among many more also have rapid growth with largely newer infrastructure as well,older American cities located in mostly in the northeast and midwest the infrastructure is crumbling to some degree.
So if you were to compare say Philadelphia to Shanghai the latter would appear much more developed however compared to Dallas probably not.
Some Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing are now capping there population and with the insane urbanization in China your starting to see a tend where lower tier cities are seeing much more growth along with the high cost of living(especially in housing cost) in the first tier cities this will lead fast development in these largely unknown cities.
But the overall Human development index in USA which rates 10th in the world(tied with Canada)is much higher than China which is rated in 90th place however is moving up fast on this index and this being one most amazing things about China is just how fast things can change,The one party system here doesn't have the oppression as in other countries,so plans can be full filled quickly such as China has build the world's most extensive high speed rail system in just over one decade nearly 15,000 miles of track connecting multiple cities


Chris Garcia
The question is loaded and an apples to apples comparison is virtually impossible.
First, define “developed” and then “big cities”.
If we talk about megacities such as Beijing, Shanghai and NYC, public transportation is far more developed in China. Violent crime is far lower, but non-violent crime is likely the same. The population lives under denser conditions in China than in NYC and although residential buildings in Beijing and Shanghai look beautiful, construction quality is poor. Quality of life is much worse. Housing prices are insane.
Also in Beijing and Shanghai, the vast majority of apartment buildings are the ones you usually don't see. These are much older and in generally not very good condition. They are crowded and cramped and are but a step or two up from tenements. But still very expensive.
The experience as an owner of a private car in Beijing or Shanghai is Neanderthal. So is the experience as a pedestrian.
Big cities. A big city in the US would have about a million people. This would be a Chinese second tier or even third tier city by population. Public transportation would still be better than the comparable US city. Housing quality is still dismal in Chinese big cities. Driving conditions are better than in megacities only because of less density. But in general roads and sidewalks are far better in the US as are driving conditions.
Where is quality of life better? It depends on what you value. Education? USA. Security? China. Public transportation? China. Less dense and less stressful living? USA. Affordable housing? USA. Political stability? China. Medical care? Maybe China. Car ownership? USA. Economic stability? Maybe China. …

哪里的生活质量更好? 这取决于你看重什么。教育? 美国。安全 ? 中国。 公共交通工具吗? 中国。低人口密度、低压力的生活? 美国。经济适用房? 美国。政治稳定? 中国。医疗保健? 也许是中国。拥有汽车? 美国。经济稳定? 也许是中国。

Mihr Aharuni
Because American cities designed for cars and not pedestrians. That’s why you rarely see dense urban areas in the USA, even LA is expanding horizontally rather than vertically. I am not going to get into why this has happened, but this is the basic reason why we don’t have many great urban spaces in the USA, and urban designing and planning are not booming in the USA like other countries. The whole interaction and experience is different when you don’t walk in your town. This is also the reason why many Americans don’t have that crazy sense of belonging to their towns as many foreigners have. This also causes many social problems in the USA, as we don’t interact with people in our town, and don’t have the needed cultural exchange. We basically only interact with people of our own class who are like-minded. We don’t get to meet new people in shared urban spaces or even on a bus. Anyway, America will never have such a developed cities because we prefer to live in large houses rather than densely populated areas etc.


I wouldn’t say so. The answer of this questions depends on how you define ‘developed’. China is an developing country while its cities are the fastest developing sectors. It is hard to balance the development in all aspacts and all suburbs in a city while it is changing so fast. So, while you are shocked by all these new skycrapers, shopping centres, metros and other sighs of modern city, there are alleys lacked of planning and stores with simple decoration juat a few blocks away. I am not saying that those blocks are slums. They could be as busy as those modernest blocks. The only reason they are still remained is the latter developed too fast. The city developed too quick for the city managers to plan.
Not only the imbalance is a problem, but also the lagging development of its ‘soft power’, including the city culture, local community building, city managing systems, and some important infrastructure, like schools, hospitals, gymnasiums and parks. Chinese cities need time and experiments to improve all these sectors.
On the contrary, American cities, like NYC, are developed which have mature solutions for many problems Chinese cities facing today.
So, instead of saying Chinese cities are more developed than American cities, I would say that Chinese cities and American cities are in different developing stage. American cities are more mature while Chinese cities have a higher potential and are developing fast. In many sectors, especially those related to ecomonic activities, Chinese cities are ahead of American cities.

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