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2020-01-29 超神V 3 收藏 纠错&举报
原文标题:Are Germans proud to be German? With the exception of during the World Cup, I've noticed that Germans avoid being p
译文简介:德国人为自己是德国人而自豪吗? 除了世界杯期间,我注意到德国人不会像其他国家的人那样为自己的国籍感到骄傲。
Kenneth Sturmer, 德国莱比锡人(2019年至今) 
As a German Ameican, I ask this question of the person asking the question.  Why are Americans so proud to be Americans?  I have no special pride in either being American or German. I was simply born a citizen of both.  Both nations have a history of bigotry and hatred as well as greatness.  People in the US constantly use the term "our Founding Fathers".  It would seem most of them have no idea who those people were.  The fact is most of them were wealthy land owners, as well as owners of slaves.  Yet it's never mentioned!  It wasn't until 1967 that Blacks were given the same rights as their White counterparts.  Even now, there is a great divide between how the races are treated.  Americans say they are proud to be a "melting pot", yet we are still arguing over immigration.  It is a sad fact that when the Irish, the Germans, the Italians and the Jews were all persecuted when they first arrived on these shores.  Now the descendants of these same immigrants, are arguing that those escaping poverty in Mexico and other Central American nations, should not be allowed to stay in the US.  Our news headlines are full of stories about the Black People being killed by the Police.  Why should I be proud to be American?  My German ancestors as well, murdered Millions.  What is there to be proud of that?  My own family were faithful followers of the Fuhrer.   So tell me why are  so many Americans so proud?

作为一个德裔美国人,我问问这个问题的人一个问题。 为什么美国人为自己是美国人感到如此自豪? 无论是作为美国人还是德国人,我都没有特别的自豪感。 我生来就是这两个国家的公民。 这两个国家都有着偏执、仇恨和伟大的历史。 美国人经常用“开国元勋”这个词。 但是,似乎他们中的大多数都不知道这些“开国元勋”是谁。 事实上,他们中的大多数是富有的土地主,以及奴隶主。 但这一事实却从未被提及! 直到1967年,黑人才享有与白人同等的权利。 即使是现在,对待不同种族的方式也有很大的分歧。 美国人说他们为自己是一个“大熔炉”而自豪,但美国人仍然在移民问题上争论不休。 当爱尔兰人、德国人、意大利人和犹太人第一次到达美国海岸时,他们都遭到了迫害,这是一个可悲的事实。 现在,这些移民的后代认为,不应该允许那些逃离墨西哥和其他中美洲贫困国家的人留在美国。 我们的新闻头条都是关于黑人被警察杀害的故事。 为什么我应该为自己是美国人而自豪? 我的德国祖先也杀了数百万人。 有什么值得骄傲的? 我的家人是元首的忠实追随者。 告诉我为什么这么多美国人如此自豪? 

Tina Westland, 来自东柏林 
I am, but only since I moved away to the UK. Being in a different culture and environment has opened my eyes to the many amazing German institutions:
Free education including university degree
One of the core humanitarian values is the right to an education, and in Germany your income level is no barrier to achieving this.
Top notch public healthcare system
No waiting time for necessary operations, very modern facilities and some of the best medical schools and research centers in the world.
Public transport system, especially in bigger cities
Germans tend to moan about it, but it is generally cheap to use, punctual and works through the night, even if buses replace the underground in some cities.
A real democracy
5% hurdle to get in the Bundestag, so there are many different parties present. Usually the country is ruled by a coalition, so the major political changes are carefully negotiated across different ideologies
A real social safety net.
No one in Germany has to be homeless. If you lose your job, the state will cover your rent and utilities bill, plus provide money for food & necessities. Granted, it's not a great amount, but it gives you the security to stay in your environment until you find another job.
In addition, it is a beautiful country with splendid nature, and generally lovely, upfront people, even if they are not as polite and open as other nations.
Please note my experience is from living in Berlin & London.

是的,但只是在我搬到英国之后,我才觉得作为一个德国人我很自豪。 身处不同的文化和环境,让我看到了德国有许多令人惊叹的机构: 
必须有5%的支持率才能进入联邦议院,所以我们能有很多不同的党派。 通常德国是由联合政府统治的,所以主要的政治变化是在不同的意识形态之间谨慎的协商之下进行的。 
在德国,不存在无家可归的人。 如果你失业了,国家会支付你的房租和水电费,还会提供食物和必需品。 当然,提供的物资不是很多,但它给了你在低谷时期生活下去的安全感,直到你找到另一份工作。 
此外,它是一个美丽的国家,有着壮丽的自然风光,人们普遍可爱、坦率,尽管德国不像其他国家那样有礼貌和开放。 请注意我的回答是基于我在柏林和伦敦的生活经历。 

Judith Meyer, 住在德国 
It is very unusual in Germany to say "I am proud to be German". That phrase even started big debates or cost several public figures their jobs in the past, though since 2006 (Soccer World Cup), Germans have found an easier way to relate to their country. 
Many Germans will also argue that it is illogical to be proud of the accident of birth that could have just as easily placed you in Rwanda, or to be proud of your nation's achievements when you haven't done anything to create them.
That being said, you can sometimes find people who are paradoxically "proud of not being proud". They (and I myself am tending more and more towards that view) are proud of Germany for being basically the only nation that has identified patriotism as the root of much evil and done away with it. 

在德国,说“我为自己是德国人感到骄傲”是很不寻常的事情。 在过去,这句话甚至会引发激烈的争论,或者让几位公众人物失去工作。不过,自2006年(足球世界杯)以来,德国人找到了一种更容易与国家建立联系的方式。 许多德国人还会说,为自己意外的出生而自豪,或者为自己国家的成就而自豪,这是不符合逻辑的,因为你生来就在卢旺达,不是你主观意愿上的选择,而且你没有做任何事情来创造德国的这些成就。 话虽如此,你有时会发现有些人自相矛盾地“以不骄傲为荣”。 他们(我本人也越来越倾向于这种观点)为德国感到骄傲,因为德国基本上是唯一一个将爱国主义视为许多罪恶根源并将其铲除的国家。 

Katharina Gruneberg,住在德国 
I’m not proud to be German. Here's why: My nationality is a happenstance. And being proud of a happenstance would be idiotic.
Personally, I would say that I like being German and that I feel a strong emotional attachment to my home country. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world. Germany is my favourite country, simply because it's mine. However, I don't view Germany as the best country in the world. There are a few countries that are more just and more progressive than Germany. Germany should improve itself by learning from them.
There’s something that upsets me very much: Whenever I say that I’m not proud to be German, people automatically assume that I’m ashamed to be German (e.g. because of German history). However, this is not the case. The absence of pride does not imply the presence of shame!

我不以身为德国人为荣。 原因如下:我的国籍是个偶然。 为一个偶然事件而感到骄傲是愚蠢的。 
就我个人而言,我会说我喜欢做德国人,我对我的祖国有一种强烈的情感依恋。 我不想住在世界上其他任何地方。 德国是我最喜欢的国家,因为它是我的祖国。 然而,我并不认为德国是世界上最好的国家。 世界上有些国家比德国更公正,更进步。 德国应该通过向他们学习来提高自己。 
有一些事情让我非常不安:每当我说我不以身为德国人为荣时,人们就会自然而然地认为我以身为德国人为耻。 因为德国的历史)。 然而,事实并非如此。 不为身为德国人而骄傲并不意味着为身为德国人而羞耻! 

Dima Ekgardt,德国公民 
I got the German citizenship when I was a child. After growing up in Germany,
It took me some time in other countries to realize it, but I am indeed proud to be a German. 
Some of the points I'm proud of are (not all):
Germany didn't participate in the War in Iraq
Despite the economical and political disadvantages, Germany didn't support the War in Libya (Germany abstained from the UN-Vote over Libya)
Free education
Social Security System
Although it's rainy & cloudy most of the time, Germany is one of the most advanced countries regarding solar energy
Open political discussion (without being arrested or attacked only for criticising the government)
German Football Team (of course ;-) ) 
For me, being proud has little to do with the fact that I got the citizenship (as it wasn't much of a achievement from my side), but that I'm a part of the society and the nation and have some small impact on it (e.g. by voting for, contributing to and supporting the topics mentioned above).  
On the other hand, it's a quite sensitive topic, since the sentence "I am proud to be German" has some negative attachment as it has been overused by the Nazis. Due to that problem, it can lead to some discussion especially among politicians. 
I would argue it's perfectly fine to actually be proud of being German (as many people are, I would say) and maybe express that in a more subtle way to avoid any unintended wrong understanding (especially if you are a politician :-) ).
Blind patriotism is unhealthy anyway...

我小时候就获得了德国国籍。 在德国长大后,我在其他国家花了一段时间才意识到,我确实为自己是一个德国人而感到自豪。 
对我来说,自豪与我获得公民身份并无多大关系(因为这对我来说并不是什么了不起的成就),而是因为我是这个社会和国家的一部分,并对这个社会和国家产生了一些小小的影响。 这些影响是通过投票支持上述优点而完成的)。 另一方面,这是一个非常敏感的话题,因为“我为自己是德国人而自豪”这句话被纳粹滥用,带有一些负面的影响。 由于这个问题,这句话可能导致一些争论,特别是在政治家之间。 我认为,为自己是德国人而感到自豪(我想说,很多人德国人都这么认为)是完全可以理解的,但是或许我们可以用一种更微妙的方式来表达这一说法,以避免任何意外的错误理解(尤其是如果你是一名政治家:-)。 盲目的爱国主义是不健康的…… 
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