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2020-01-27 暴走的晨晨 7 收藏 纠错&举报
原文标题:Why is the United States not stopping China from building an aircraft carrier fleet?
Glyn MacLean
To be frank, some people in politics are a bit mentally retarded. Not kidding.
USA can benefit more than China does from exports. China has a market of 1.4 billion consumers. That’s the single biggest consumer market in the world. Whereas USA only has hundreds of millions.
USA teaches SUN TZU: ART OF WAR (Chinese military tactics) at their military academies. Over 1.2 million Chinese US citizens live in the state of California alone. The number of Chinese people living in USA is a staggering number in the millions. Let’s not forget, Chinese US citizens built USA infrastructure. Railroads!
America needs China a lot more than China needs America and any Sabre rattling is political posturing inspired by the military industrial estate seeking better discount leverage.
America only outnumbers the world in aircraft carriers. Which are hellishly expensive, cost billions to build and even more to operate.
Look, you appreciate how expensive it is to own a car. Now imagine owning an aircraft carrier. That bill is going to bankrupt a nation. America can’t afford to keep running all its ships. They are resource hungry.
So the real barrier to why USA doesn’t stop China, is a financial one.
USA needs to make trade, not war, but unfortunately has some petulant children running the place (Trump). Just like at kindergarten. You know, that unruly self entitled kid in the sandpit who throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get what he wants? That’s Trump’s America for you. School yard bully.
I’m not saying China is without issues. But imagine trying to manage 1.4 billion people. How hard do you think it would be to manage 1.4 billion people! More criminals, more psychopaths etc. so when you really put things in perspective, China has done a reasonable job, especially given the current form of modernised civilisation, which is much younger than America. Well done China.
Parts of US infrastructure are falling apart at the seams.
China doesn’t really need to fight USA. Just needs to sit back while USA desecrates and destroys itself by undermining its own democracy and ecology.
Unruly petulant children always end up on detention due to their poor behaviour.
The wise thing to do is simply ignore them and don’t feed their negative energy.
Why lose money with a strategic cost like an air craft carrier anyway, when an unstoppable hypersonic missile can be used to take out each of the carriers.
China has better things to do, like dominate space mining. There are more resources in space than you could possibly imagine.
China just landed on the far side of the moon. USA has been using Russia to get into space.
America is naturally declining.
Just wait it out. War of attrition.
By the way, I love America, I love democracy and I’m very sad this attrition is the case.
I love my American friends, and it’s terribly sad to see America declining as a democracy and a free country.

Glyn MacLean

Andrew Sickafoose, Product Development Engineer at Multiple Startups
You question carries with it the implicit assumptions that China desires a large CVN fleet *and* requires a fleet the size of the United States accomplish it's short term strategic objectives.
Short Answer: A Chinese STOBAR (short) carrier fleet is of little threat to the United States or it's allies and a large CATOBAR (conventional) carrier fleet is of little value to the PLAN.  So why would the United States start a fight over something that fundamentally does not pose a threat?
The reason why the United States has such a large navy is because she has multiple Trillion Dollar per year interests in opposing hemispheres.  She desires to rule oceangoing trade in the Pacific and to maintain strategic influence over the Middle East.  

Andrew Sickafoose,多家初创公司的产品开发工程师。
简短回答: 一个中国的拦阻降落航母舰队对美国或其盟友几乎没有威胁,而一个大型的常规航母舰队对这个计划几乎没有价值。那么,为什么美国要为一些根本不构成威胁的东西而开战呢?

Frank Duncan
First of all, we have no way of stopping them. They are a sovereign nation and not beholden to anyone, most certainly NOT the USA which they view as an enemy.
Second, why should we want to? They are building a very expensive toy which will have very limited usefulness. It takes many years of experience and several generations of ship building to determine how to build a ship that works using the technology available.  You might steal the plans, but do you understand why there is reinforcement at this spot and a joint at that? Why is this bulkhead so thin, but the next much thicker and reinforced? Let them spend vast resources on something we would be able to take out very quickly and easily.

Frank Duncan
第二,我们为什么要这样做呢? 他们正在制造一种非常昂贵的玩具,它的用处非常有限。需要多年的经验和几代人的造船经验来决定如何建造一艘使用现有技术的船。你可能偷了设计图,但你知道为什么这个地方有加固,那个地方有接缝吗? 为什么这个舱壁这么薄,而下一个却厚得多,加固得多? 让他们把大量资源花在我们能够很快轻松获得的东西上吧。

Sheri Fresonke Harper, Sheri has studied Chinese literature
A huge amount of trade goods travel between the US and China. Until recently, the US has had to fund all cost for ensuring the goods arrive safely.
Aircraft carrier fleet are a useful way to offer support to allies but their use in war is limited and are expensive to operate.
And yes, states don't tell other states what to do.
The nuclear arms talks, though, are different since most countries signed the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons treaties where the signatory states agreed they wouldn't do it. Violation by any one country makes the treaty null and void for everyone.
The reason for sanctions against treaty breakers is that if they will void one agreement they will void all and no one can trust their word or intentions any longer.


David Hitzfelder, works at United States Navy
The US doesn't have to.
No doubt, the pentagon monitors closely what the PLAN is doing, but China has no need to expend billions to build a carrier fleet. If it makes any move to do so, it's more a matter of prestige than necessity.
China's economy is largely dependent on trade with the US and Europe. This makes the strategic situation…. Interesting. Neither the US, nor China is going to want to block trade routs, so there is no need for a naval war to either protect or disrupt its own trade. The land interests China does have or desire are all accessible with land based aircraft, so there is no need for a vulnerable mobile airbase that would be a prime target in any conflict.
If China were to build multiple aircraft carriers, and were to go to war with the United States, US submarines would be waiting for the opportunity to sink an aircraft carrier, a feat they regularly accomplish in training exercises with our own carriers.

David Hitzfelder,在美国海军工作。

Mark Doldon
The US has the military and political muscle to pretend that they can control who among the lesser powers builds nuclear weapons (although not the PRACTICAL ability).  But preventing China from doing whatever they want?  They have no military OR political power to do anything about them.

美国拥有强大的军事和政治力量,可以假装自己能够控制较小国家中制造核武器的国家(尽管不是实际能力)。但阻止中国做他们想做的? 美国没有任何军事或政治力量来对付中国。

Marvin Hall, former Personal and Business Finance (1976-2010)
Why would someone think the US has the right to stop another country from building a ship? The US doesn’t think that way, it tries to make non-US actions non profitable or difficult but in no way steps over the sovereign duties of another country. They may not like it, but they know they have no right to interfere. China’s aircraft carrier is not a super threat to the US fleet or the US itself. It is an understandable exercise in demonstrating China’s desire to project its power, Washington knows that, doesn’t like it, but knows it has absolutely no right to fight it, and won’t.

Marvin Hall,曾任个人及企业财务(1976-2010)。
为什么有人会认为美国有权阻止其他国家造舰呢? 美国不这么认为,美国试图让非美国的行动变得无利可图或困难,但绝不逾越另一个国家的主权义务。他们可能不喜欢这样,但他们知道自己无权干涉。中国航母对美国舰队和美国本身都不是超级威胁。这是一种可以理解的做法,这表明了中国展示实力的愿望,美国知道这一点且不喜欢中国这样做,但美国知道它绝对没有权利与之对抗,也不会这么做。

Anthony Holst
Who are we to stop the largest and possibly the Richest nation on earth from building Anthing? The Chinese know, as we do, in an all out offensive war, the carrier is a sitting duck. The Chinese "need" for carriers is simply for power projection in Asian waters.  We on the other hand are fighting, using our carriers as platforms, to stabilize an entire Middle East plus putting a damper on Russia's adventurism.

Anthony Holst
我们凭什么阻止这个地球上最大、可能也是最富有的国家建造任何东西? 中国人和我们一样,都知道,在一场全面的进攻性战争中,航母是易被击中的目标。中国人对航母的“需求”只是为了在亚洲海域投射力量。另一方面,我们正在战斗,利用我们的航母作为平台,以稳定整个中东,并打击俄罗斯的冒险主义。

Jose Marco Bisnar, lives in Davao City, Philippines
Because the United States is no fool enough to wage a war against China on the regards that both powers possess nuclear weapons. Only through waging war can China be forced to stop its armed forces modernization spree. It cannot impose orders of arms reductions against China unless both sides enter an equal arms reduction treaty.
This has been proven since the end of the Korean War, the Chinese-Soviet political rift in the 1960’s, and China’s first nuclear test in 1964. The United States could not prevent a by-then 3rd world impoverished nation to build its own nuclear weapon and produce its own armaments, let alone its semi-1st world iteration.
Did the United States come to the aid of its ally the Philippines in 2012 when China sent a part of its surface navy and one of their Coast Guard vessels on Philippine waters? No. While a Filipino frigate already held its waters against the approach of the Chinese fleet in a small islet in West Philippine Sea, they were expecting for the US 7th Fleet to come to their aid. Instead, the White House simply cowed and backed off from the standoff.
The United States will not wage a war with China because they already have decades before in Korea. This meant it cannot stop China from upgrading its armed forces, let alone requesting or ordering them via deals and treaties.
The United States Armed Forces is currently the most technologically advanced on earth. 
And should the time China sends the American sovereign debt to the global market, every person in the world would be in deep shit as it would cause instability in the global stocks, rendering the US government virtually unable to borrow money from corporations and creditors anymore as these would give for a resulting sky-high interest rates and thus unable to spend on public services let alone its armed forces therefore potentially leaving the American military-industrial complex to rot, resulting in the stagnation of their armed forces and leaving the Chinese armed forces, including its precious aircraft carriers, to roam freely across the globe (they already secretly doing it on Venezuela right now).
For now, the United States is limiting its anti-China tensions to billions worth of trade tariffs in the hopes of saving its own economy and thus keep their armed forces running in shape, and only from that it could have a chance to keep the Chinese aircraft carriers to its home turf for as long as time warrants them. 

Jose Marco Bisnar,住在菲律宾达沃市。
2012年,中国向菲律宾海域派遣了一部分海军和一艘海岸警卫队舰艇,美国是否曾向其盟友菲律宾提供过援助? 没有。一艘菲律宾护卫舰已经在西菲律宾海的一个小岛上挡住了中国舰队的接近,他们期待着美国第七舰队来帮助他们。相反,白宫只是畏缩不前,退出了僵局。
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