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中国人喜欢黑人吗? 黑人网友认为自己就像是中国公民一样
2020-01-17 Linda 19 收藏 纠错&举报
原文标题:Do Chinese people like black people?
K Gopinath
The two Asian giants, India and China, two of world's oldest cultures, share a common prejudice — their dislike of black people.
an ad for a Chinese laundry detergent went viral. 
It's shockingly racist: The video shows a fetching Chinese woman lure a paint-stained, lascivious African man toward her. She briefly toys with him before shoving a detergent capsule into his mouth and him into the machine. Out emerges a fresh-faced Chinese man, looking sparkling white and clean.
India and China represent two of the world's most dynamic, booming economies. Their populations jointly comprise a third of humanity. Both countries now consider themselves finding their rightful place in the world after centuries in the shadow of an imperial West. Part of their economic rise has seen both nations build robust ties with countries in Africa.
For Beijing and New Delhi, the continent is an important arena not just for trade, but for the exercise of soft power and wider geopolitical goals.
Yet many Africans who have come in the tens of thousands to China and India as students and businessmen, petty merchants and backpackers, complain of persistent racism.
Last year, an Indian publication put together a moving, sad video of testimony from African students and professionals about their experience of daily discrimination. It also includes 2014 footage of a mob in a Delhi metro station attacking three black men with sticks, while chanting nationalist slogans.
"It's like I have a disease," says one student in the video.
In China, it's a similar picture. In a 2013 account, an African-American English teacher recounted his students complaining about their instructor: "I don't want to look at his black face all night," one said.
Africans, whether on university campuses or elsewhere, across the country have also been subject to attack and abuse. Growing merchant communities in certain cities, such as in the southern metropolis of Guangzhou, rub up against a wider population that is ethnically homogenous and largely unfamiliar with the diversity and history of black populations elsewhere.
The African community in Guangzhou has taken to the streets to protest unfair treatment on a number of occasions, including in 2009 after the death of a Nigerian man fleeing a police raid and in 2012 after another man died mysteriously in police custody.
While India is home to a dizzyingly diverse, multiethnic and multilingual society, prejudice abounds. 

K Gopinath
这是令人震惊的种族主义: 视频中,一个迷人的中国女人引诱一个油漆污迹斑斑、好色的非洲男人靠近她。她和他玩了一会儿,然后把一个洗衣粉胶囊塞进他嘴里,把他塞进洗衣机。出来的是一个新面孔的中国男人,看上去洁白无瑕。

Jeremy Markeith Thompson, Visited and lived in China & Taiwan. 
I am a Black American. I lived in Beijing, China teaching English. I never had any negative interactions with Chinese people. My Chinese co-workers enjoyed working with me. We laughed and played, but still kept our focus on providing an excellent product for our adult students. After work, I enjoyed hanging out with my co-workers.
At my place of work, I taught adult students. Some of them asked me about racism and prejudice toward minorities in the USA. They were very concerned about visiting or moving to a country where they would encounter racism and prejudice. None of my students ever said one negative word about Black people.
In the streets of Beijing, I spent plenty of time walking, taking taxis, riding subways and buses, hanging out at markets and going shopping. I always received excellent treatment from everyone that I interacted with in public. I never felt fear or threatened. I would be outside late at night to go eat. I always felt like another Chinese citizen.

Jeremy Markeith Thompson,访问并居住在中国大陆和台湾。

Derrick Patterson
I think it is just a preference. Dark skin in Asia is seen as less attractive than White skin. Just like in America, being Fat is seen as less attractive than being Skinny.
I’ve been living and working in Shenzhen, China for about 2 years now, and I can honestly say that I have never experienced any racism or discrimination.
Let me first say that although I am African-American, I do have a lighter skin-tone. In fact, I have come across a lot of Chinese locals who have darker skin than I do. I’ve never experienced the same issues most dark-skinned Africans, or African-Americans have face here. I have heard some crazy stories, though.
I know a few dark-skinned guys here who tell me they are judged on a daily basis. Kids scurry away from them in fear, Chinese women avoid them, locals point and say, “Hey look, black person!” in Chinese. These are things I have never experienced, and I’m black (by race). I believe it has something to do with my light-skin tone. According to my girlfriend (who’s Chinese) it’s also because I am handsome, and I have a friendly face (this might be a stretch).
A Chinese woman once told me that she preferred African-Americans of my skin tone. “They are usually smarter, friendlier and more cultured.” Most job postings prefer White European or American teachers, but a large majority of them also say “Obama-skin color is also okay!” Most Chinese locals are not used to seeing black guys, whites, sure. So, when they see a black guy, they are a little taken back. Some don’t know how to react. There are plenty of videos online with Chinese locals staring and taking pictures with black people, simply because they are not used to seeing them.
The important thing to remember is that not all Chinese people are like this. Most are open and friendly and appreciative of all cultures. I have had some great times here. Drinking with locals, playing basketball and soccer with locals, traveling with my girlfriend and her friends. China is a beautiful country and you should never allow a small minority of prejudice, close-minded individuals to discourage you from visiting.

Derrick Patterson

Aaron Williams
As a black man who lives in China I’ll say that a lot of people in this country are pretty racists. Anyone who says they aren’t is lying or they have a different definition of racism so if someone won’t sit next to you on the subway, runs away screaming and says “how can he be so black, or says “I don’t want black people near me” in China people will say that’s not racists. Also if someone says we don’t wanna hire a black person for this job in China people will say it’s not racist. China has a different definition of racism.
I’ll also add that most people in China do not look at black people as equals. Or they’ll say I like Kobe Bryant, T-Mac, Usain Bolt or any other athlete but then ask them their opinion on Obama a lot of people think he doesn’t fit or they would have said “why doesn’t America have a white president.” Well we have a white one now and they love his daughter Ivanka. 
I will never say all Chinese people dislike black people because that’s just a complete lie. But there is a significant portion of the population I would even say a majority that do not like black people. This is even among younger people.
If someone doesn’t even want to be near you they don’t like you.

Aaron Williams

Arcacia Cheah
Why do you wanna know a certain group of people like another certain group of people?
I believe in one thing, if a person is likable, with no reasons for me to hate them, then no matter what ethnicity are they, I will like them the same.
Well, I do dislike a few people, who are coincidentally Indians. So do I hate all Indians? No! I found a few close friends for life that are also Indians, so that doesn’t mean I will simply dislike them due to my past experience.
So, unless you individually done something that makes me dislike you, I don’t see any problem in liking you regardless of what ethnic you belong to, or what skin color you have. It’s just a color. We are all the same, living beings sharing the same home, Earth.

嗯,我确实不喜欢一些人,他们碰巧是印度人。我恨所有的印度人吗? 不! 我交到了一些生活中的好朋友,他们也是印度人,所以这并不意味着我会因为过去的经历而讨厌他们。

Starlin Kawana, lives in China
Am an African studying in China. Like I’ve written before Staliño Kawana's answer to Are Chinese people racist against black people?I think some Chinese people like black people and some don’t.But why would anyone like someone just because he’s black. They are better off judging people by their character. Although I know many naive Chinese people will like someone just because he’s white, I wouldn’t want them liking me just because am black.
A Chinese friend told me there is a Chinese girl who has a crush on me but she won't even consider dating me because she's afraid of what her family and other Chinese people will say.Every time she bumps into me she acts very shy and childish,sometimes she tries to hide-all I do is laugh.From what I heard,if a Chinese girl’s former boyfriend is black then she might never find a Chinese boyfriend and end up being a leftover(剩女).

Starlin Kawana,居住在中国。
我是在中国学习的非洲人。就像我之前写过的,关于中国人对黑人有种族歧视吗? 我认为有些中国人喜欢黑人,有些不喜欢。他们最好是根据人的性格来判断人。虽然我知道许多天真的中国人会因为一个人是白人而喜欢他,但我不希望他们因为我是黑人而喜欢我。

Tom Aaron
The question can go a few directions. One can be a segregationist, purist or some other term, etc and it doesnt mean you like or dislike a group.
The vast majority of humans in the world present and past don't agree with inter racial marriage. This even applies to most Black Africans…they want their children to produce grandchildren within their own ethnicity. My grandparents are Jewish..they would want all of us to marry Jews…it doesnt mean they dislike non Jews. I have native American friends whose parents feel the same…they don't want grandkids with watered down aboriginal Heritage. I can want my Golden Lab to be bred with another Golden Lab…it doesnt mean I dislike Black labs.


Element Augustin
This is a complex question. The answer should be analysed from several aspects.
Talking of illegal residence, for example, in Guangzhou, one of the four first-tier cities in China, there are more than 300,000 black people. And a quite big part of them are illegal immigrants, who burnt their passports so that China government is unable to repatriate them. However, some black people export the local products to their country and some of them have become billionaires.Local manufacturing could like black people, while the other Chinese people could be disgusted with them.
Talking of ‘easy girls’, yet, some Asian girls are ‘black fanatical’, which is totally despised in Chinese social network. People criticize those girls as well as black people.
Talking of sports, Chinese people definitely like black people. They born with strong bodies and are good at sports, especially basketball and track and field, which have got most respect.

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