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2020-01-30 暴走的晨晨 11 收藏 纠错&举报
原文标题:Why do China and South Korea still hate Japan despite the war ending over 70 years ago?
Erwin Anciano
Because even after all this time Japan is still richer and has a better quality of life for its citizens than either China or South Korea.
In other words, they’re just sour graping.
Korea and China have both had a problem with Japan since log before WWII — For China the negative sentiment more or less started with the Sino Japanese War in 1894 but for Korea it was long before that, back in the 1500s when Japan started invading Korea.
When Japan invaded Korea here during Korean’s Joseon period it was the start long history of bad blood between the two nations. China wasn’t overly bothered because Japan didn’t actually invade China, and never managed to capture its tributary in full because of the reinforcements the Ming dynasty sent.
But during the first Sino Japanese war China really felt the sting and hated Japan with a passion, for this now was a strong and powerful Japan which had surpassed China as the pre-eminent power in Asia for the past 4,000 or so years. It had also finally conquered and taken away one of its biggest tributaries (Korea). China’s pride can’t take that the once backward tiny island of Wa had become even greater than it was. It would only get worse later on with the Nanking Massacre.
The enmity hasn’t persisted just since World War II. It’s been there for a long, long time and 70 years isn’t anywhere near enough to wash it away, especially since Japan is still economically superior to both countries, though that may soon change.

Erwin Anciano

Carolyn Farrell
I don't think Chinese hate Japanese. Chinese actually views Japan as a country we can learn a lot from. Its disciplined nature, the craftsmanship, the dedication on preserving the culture, the sincer proud of their own work, regardless how small and how big are all admired by Chinese.
As to the history, it is hard to forget and shouldn't be forgotten. Japan invaded China multiple times over the past 300 years. You can't blame China for being cautious. Everytime when China was weak and Japan was strong, they came over and tried to occupy China. When it comes to Japan and China relationship, Chinese often quote “we forgive but don't forget”. After WWII, Chinese adopted hundreds of thousands of Japanese orphanes. PRC didn't accept war compensation from Japan like other countries demanded. It was because Chinese believe the war was emposed on Japanese people by Imperialism and the civilians suffered too. You see? Regardless of then sino Japan wars in the past 300 years, China has been kind to Japan. But what causes the backsplash in China is once in a while, Japan will press the sensitive button on Diaoyudao, and paying tribute to the shrine where war criminals are worshipped. I don't think Western media covers enough of how generous Chinese were to Japan after the war crime. Only if they knew, they would not paint China's raise as a threat to the world. I am off topic now. So in conclusion, Chinese don't hate Japanese.

至于历史,很难忘记,也不应该忘记。在过去的300年里,日本曾多次入侵中国。你不能责怪中国的谨慎。每当中国弱日本强的时候,他们就会过来占领中国。二战后,中国人收养了成千上万的日本孤儿。中华人民共和国不像其他国家那样接受日本的战争赔偿。因为中国人认为这场战争是帝国主义强加给日本人民的,日本人民也遭受了苦难。你瞧? 尽管在过去的300年里中日战争不断,中国对日本还是很友好的。但在中国引起轩然大波的是,日本偶尔会按下敏感的钓鱼岛按钮,向供奉战犯的靖国神社致敬。我认为西方媒体没有充分报道中国人在战后对日本有多宽宏大量。如果他们知道,他们就不会把中国的崛起描绘成对世界的威胁。我跑题了。总之,中国人不讨厌日本人。

Calvin Cao, MA International Relations, University of Wales Aberystwyth Prifysgol Cymru (2018)
Because Japan seek to tell the world that they were the victims of the second world war. Simply go and read the Japanese official statement on the second world war.
Thus, we hate Japan not only because the war atrocities they caused, but also their irresponsible attitude toward those horrific atrocities.

Calvin Cao,威尔士大学国际关系硕士(2018)。

Okay look, this question sound too much political, but I’m going to be anonymous to write this because I’m not trying to sound biased.
I can think of the main reasons why China and South Korea still hate Japan even though the Japan was defeated in World War 2 by the United States, but first, we need to understand about the long conflicts between Japan, China, and Korea.
The main reasons that I can think is because:
1. Most people who survived the Japanese invasion and were elderly today losted their loved ones like family members and close friends were killed in the hand of the Japanese soldiers. This one of the biggest reason why most victims today who were elderly have very hard time to move on.
2.The people of China and Korea were endured Japanese cruel treatments for long time. This makes both Chinese and Korean people increase their fueled hatred towards Japan because of this. If the people of China and Korea fight back, they would either be sent to prison or forcing them to joined the Japanese Imperial Empire Military as punishment for those who resisted or fight back under the Japanese rule.
I won’t add another because this may sound too much political, but I’m just trying to give a reason why China and Korea still hates Japan despite the war has ended 70 years ago.
So today, the biggest problems is mostly that they believed everything in the media.
Okay look, before you can leave angry comments about this, just to realized that this is just my own opinion.


Pete Cresswell, former Ad-Hoc Developer of Bond-trading Apps (1992-2017)
Speaking as one who has never set foot in China or either of the Koreas, and assuming that the question’s premise is true (by no means a foregone conclusion), my guess would be:
The sheer severity and horrific/bestial nature of the crimes committed by Japanese military - acting with the approval of higher-ups. Read Iris Chang’s Rape of Nanking.
The fact that many still-living people know or knew those who suffered/witnessed said crimes.
The fact that, while Germany as a nation has owned up to The Holocaust, Japan as a nation continues to deny their crimes.


Juri Ueno
If there's something bad going on these two countries will turn up anti japanese propaganda to max level, Japan is a perfect scapegoat. Also they are brainwashed by their government they still think Japan doesn't even apologized for what happened in WW2


Hidesato Sakakibara
For their own political and financial reasons. They see Japan as an ATM where by throwing guilt around they can get more money and political favors.
Hidesato Sakakibara's answer to Since all of the people responsible for the Japanese atrocities in WWII have all nearly died, why do Chinese and Koreans still blame or dislike the current generation who weren't responsible for it? No one blames the current Germans for the Nazis.

Hidesato Sakakibara
既然所有对二战中日本暴行负有责任的人都已几近死亡,为什么中国人和韩国人还在指责或讨厌对二战不负责任的这一代人? 没有人把纳粹归咎于现在的德国人。
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