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2019-12-19 夏丶沐瑾 10 收藏 纠错&举报



In the future world, it is no longer competition between groups, but more competition among countries. This also means that countries with more resources will have an advantage. The main resource for the future is talent. And China itself has a huge population market and a middle-class consumer market as the basis for development. The Belt and Road Initiative will build Eurasia and Africa into the world ’s largest consumer market. Then the United States will gradually be marginalized, and the maritime trade channels it controls will Being weakened, the hegemony of petrol dollars will decline, and in the future there will be a unipolar world turning to a multi-level world. Therefore, the United States will probably prevent China's development in all aspects in the next 10 years. or before it is too late. As the only hegemonic country in the world, the means to suppress other competitors is to split other countries. Including economic war, currency war, technology war, talent war, espionage war, biochemical war, ideological war, media war, military alliance psychological warfare, cyber information warfare, final military war, etc. The deep state behind the United States is likely to be the Wall Street Financial Group, the Cartel Alliance, the US military industry complex, and so on.


They are not just getting smarter today, they are already smarter long ago.
FYI, according to "Average IQ by Country 2019" China is 105. The tops few are Singapore, HK China, South Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan China. Singapore with 75% of the populations are of Chinese descends and the only country that is not in North Asia.
Why I've said they are already smarter long ago??? 
Joseph Needham, a British biochemist, scientific historian, and professor at Cambridge University, is widely rated as one of the most outstanding intellectuals of the 20th century. According to his research in China, China as a nation has the longest and by far the most vast record of inventions in the history of the world. It is now reliably estimated that more than 60% of all the knowledge existing in the world today originated in China, a fact swept under the carpet by the West. 

Spadey Say
It would be interesting to check what the chinese public think of the current US-China trade war and the massive demonisation of China by the western press and also the western government.


Frank Hsu
I think no need to care about what people in west think about China , it doesn't matter . The earth is still turning around , and China will go better . God bless you , America .


China is number 1 in PISA 2018, Physics Olympiad, STEM, Programming Olympics.
US is nowhere to be seen in any science, maths or physics competitions. The future is bright for China.


tim_low malaysia
Usa actually steal technology from uk previously


In terms of quality n value for your bucks, Chinese mobile phones definitely win over iPhone n Samsung without a slightest doubt


The West led by the control freak US is doing everything possible to make trouble for China.  They can turn white to black and good to evil.  The US is the biggest source of fake news regarding China and Chinese people and it is shameless.


America and EU is getting dumber


Robert Burnett
The U.S. is discouraging higher education with the very high tuition costs. Also, little infrastructure investment. But we just gave the military another 140 billion. We have a 2O year war that nobody understands. 


helena russel
i think your facts and figures is a bit way out and old.. the Chinese economy has been going up at a staggering speed since they decide to liberalise in 1978.. its been growing at 8% plus every year average since then.. not 2004 as you said.. but in reality the Chinese economy is twice the size of the US economy in ''purchasing power parity''..  i'm not Chinese but that was very insulting.. the truth is the US is now sinking fast.. just compare US infrastructure with china.. US airport looks like Chinese bus stations.. whilst china highways and mega bridges and highspeed train is just wow.. so china is way ahead in comparison.. 

Lay Kiok Ng
The US is too busy meddling  in and bullying  foreign countries, so it is not investing in the education of their younger ggeneration. US myopic policies,  ignorance and arrogance  cause  the US to  allocate  much more resources to US military complex rather than the  education. Generally,  Western style of democracy is hijacked by profit oriented corporations,  US CIA  and lobbyists. China's development in technology and science prowess is  exponential because the Chinese invest in education,  R&D manufacturing industries while not neglecting the importance of law and order,   strong family and community  bonds and public health education. Visit Chinese  public parks and  amenities and we can see how much the Chinese quality of life has improved.Socialism with Chinese characteristics works for China, thus it not for the Western politicians to question the legitimacy of the political system in China. Respect  the Chinese citizens and Chinese sovereignty. They  have a long history and they themselves  know what they want or do not want for themselves. Given the demographics and  rich civilization, the Chinese  have very long term strategic plans that span over generations. They are very very far sighted. Ignorance and arrogance are the US greatest enemies, not China.


Seo Kok Ing
Since time immemorial the Chinese people has place education front and center in their quest to progress and advance in life. The educated were richly rewarded when they passed the imperial examination. The whole village would collectively support to produce a scholar. This desire is now part of the Chinese DNA, wherever they are, a fatal desire to learn and progress.


Nicolette Uy
You're right sir...it's really funny and stupid why some westerners accuse China of copying their technologies and whatever. Or are they just being selfish , these westerners , that they don't want other human beings to prosper because they just want to become rich for themselves and so control the whole world!

先生,你是对的…有些西方人指责中国复制他们的技术,真是既可笑又愚蠢。或者他们只是太自私了,这些西方人不希望其他人繁荣,因为他们只想自己变得富有,从而控制整个世界 !

Robert Burnett
The U.S. is one of the most propagandized country in the world. This makes us a danger to the world. I am not a fan of everything about China. But it invests in other countries, it doesn't bomb then. 


sentenial xmen
No wonder Trump administration trying to block Chinese students going to study in the US ivy league universities. America is playing dirty....LOL


Exactly. The Chinese population have strong flair and focus for science and engineering.. They would have been much better off today if not for the hinderance of the cultural revolution !
And I strongly agreed with you that the Chinese paid for those IP as stipulated in the contract when purchasing those capital assets (example: high speed train etc.) .. those facts were twisted and the narrative changed (by the politicians and media) to become "IP theft" !!!

我非常同意你的观点,中国人在购买这些资本资产(例如: 高铁等)时,支付了合同中规定的知识产权费用。这些事实被扭曲,这种说法(被政客和媒体)变成了“窃取知识产权”!!!

Neighborhood Squirrel
China is a big problem for America is China might overtake us as the world’s largest economy.  We cannot allow that to happen.  If Britain was about to overtake us, we American would try to stop that too.  There was a policy statement right after the collapse of the Soviet Union that we will not allow any country, friend or foe, to overtake us militarily or economically.


I think China should make English 2nd official language


bleu water
I realize now that you have a marxist bent, and that you are not an economist, but your explanation for Chinas exceptional economic growth was grossly simplified. As if having a "one party system" can explain their meteoric rise, for instance.  I would agree that the Chinese are highly intelligent, and that they excel in areas of study that allow them to develop technologically. You are also right that they have benefited from their exposure to western education. 
A couple of things you have not mentioned is their preferred treatment in trade and access to capital from the worlds economic super power - the US of Capitalist A. There would not have been a Chinese economic rise without this. Without the US dollar, China is still a third world economy.  You also failed to mention their acceptance into the WTO in 2001, also thanks to lobbying efforts by the US.


Khoo Siew Im
The mainland chinese  is very hard working and infact chinese  strongly believe in good education..Sad to say they like to steal technology from other nation snd dirty tricks in trade dealingsetc. what is the point of having high education and yet they cant differentthe good and evils. They are only good in copy technology. US techology is definitely is far more advance than china.

中国大陆人非常勤奋,事实上,中国人坚信良好的教育很重要。可悲的是,他们喜欢从其他国家窃取技术,在贸易交易中耍花招。接受了高等教育有什么意义呢? 然而,他们却不能区分善恶。他们只擅长复印技术。美国技术绝对比中国先进得多。

China is going to pop because of raising wages and and over population along with mass environmental pollution...


China is doomed to fail because it's a communist dictatorship.
All of the companies and banks are controlled by the government. 
Stop with this bs already.

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