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2019-12-13 zaky696 14 收藏 纠错&举报


I here from people that have no idea what they are talking about that things made in China are garbage. The buildings are falling apart and the infrastructure is breaking down before they even open the door. This is fake news.



ge gary
Down to earth, no exaggeration, no hides, just what it is.


The only thing falling apart are the lies western media tell.  BUT, China still has a lot to do to make the country and people's life style even better for sure.

Law Coscare
I like your videos not only because I agree most of your views but also you stay long time in a same place which is a not so developed city in China. It is a mid or under mid level city in China comparing to those big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc. You get in touch with local people’s life, understand or try to understand normal Chinese people, local government, and essentially cultural differences. You witness the city and local people life’s bad and good sides, and you witness/go through by yourself that it’s getting better and better. There is absolutely no perfect place in the world. You love or will love a place is when you see better changes happen daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. 


1. Concrete has a tendency to crack. Most of these cracks are superficial and do not pose a structural threat. American houses and high rises with concrete also crack.
2. China's construction standards are getting better as the country further develops, because the Chinese people demand higher standards as they become wealthier and look for more secure investments. Contrast this with America where new homes now use lower quality building materials like composite wood, particle board, and laminate.


Master Q
Not everything , but certainly some things are sub standard. Plenty of examples. However there is a multitude of exceptional infrastructure. China may be homogeneous society in general but there is vast diversity in inanimate society. It really makes sense that there will be some corners cut if you consider the mindblowing scale of development carried out by a populous that were learning on the job much of the time. It is miraculous what has transpired but obviously not perfect. I however on balance of scale say things are pretty good and not everything is falling apart. There is however more than enough dodgy construction to make an impression.

Fundamentally, you get what you pay for.


david loh chee choong
if the western world, especially US want 2 believe that China is falling apart, let them be. they r living in a dream world. it's reality that count


Fox Ino
Every time I drive on the British roads google map warns me ‘pothole ahead’. I think of the Chinese roads.


It is so important to hear news and actual facts from China without sugar coating and manipulation.  Thanks for doing that.  I would rather listen to what you have to say and your reports on China and Chinese people than from the media outside of China.


brittani mer
US:you are very dangerous to our democracy

美国: 你们对我们的民主非常危险。

Clothes from dryer machine are infested with bacteria and on the contrary, drying your clothes under the sun .... it kills 99.999% of bacteria.


Talk a little bit of the corruption, inequality, one of the worst in the world.


Imagine what will happen to world's energy if all Chinese and Indians use clothes dryers and drive cars with single occupant...


Kenny W
the grass is always greener on the other side


Denis bbb
Falling apart or not depends on property management. If management is non-existent, there will be zero maintenance/upgrades. Management fees can quadruple the cost of living. It's all about trade offs.


john Tpi
I think the core problem from the west now is their western MS media & useless politician that always blame china for their incompetent.


I think China is wise enough to learn from Singapore and I heard that they were taking advice and building a small city as a project to experiment with more effective ways to build and make communities more livable


Sebastian K
I never listen to what people say, I always try to find out by myself.


Turning Null
Great job, this is a real truth-teller! I proof that is totally true cuz I've been to China several times before. We support you for sure!

干得好,这是一个真正的讲真话的人! 我可以证明这是完全正确的,因为我以前去过中国几次。我们一定支持你!

Next time, could you show all kinds of houses provided by the government for people who cannot afford to buy houses, such as affordable housing, low-rent housing and relocation housing? Relocation  housing is the government's move of people from remote mountainous areas to cities, usually small cities.it is free,some not need money to buy,some need a little,but the poor people can afford.
China used to have low housing construction standards and a corrupt supervision departments. But with the development of the country, housing construction standards are now at the international level, and there are many laws and regulations to regulate the duties of the supervision departments. So now China's infrastructure construction standards are very high.
More than half of the supertall buildings in the world are built in China, and most of the top 50 tallest and longest Bridges in the world are built in China. These are all built by Chinese people, using Chinese technology, so China's infrastructure capacity is very strong. Witness the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge.

Francoise Hembert
Comparing this to the growing number if working Americans living in their cars because they cannot rent. America simply feels threatened by China knowing full well that soon China will overtake in business as in science.


Hoong Yip Tham
There are huge numbers of China haters in Western world.  China falling apart is their belief.  As a foreigner staying in China for decade, we know what actually happened here.


Papyrus Okagbue
Westerners hypocrisy is amazing. They claimed they hate non-democracy but Iran is a democracy. They hate Iran instead of Saudi Arabia. They should be hating Saudi Arabia with no democracy and election at all. It seems Westerners are like clueless hordes hating what their govt telling them to hate without using independent thoughts or judgements.


These apartments were built in the older days to quickly accommodate mass resident. And (..and) their design was pretty much copied to all other parts of China (boring in design in today's standard but livable)!  And better architectural designs were put up as time goes by..  that's call improvement 

这些公寓是在旧时代建造的,以便迅速容纳大量居民。他们的设计几乎被复制到中国的其他地方(在今天的标准下,这个设计很乏味,但是很适合居住)! 随着时间的推移,更好的建筑设计被提出。这就是所谓的改进。

Baby Lon
Things don't need to be the same as the west,that's what make China interesting,nothing wrong to dance in the park,to play cards on the sidewalk,to dry clothes outside,to eat while walking etc,.


Foxes Keeper
People believe now is perfect time to short China's economy, since China has been given too much money in the market, the M2 is more than US + JAPAN, current USD-CNY exchange rate is about 1:7, but it should be 1:20 as a reasonable price. Honestly to say, I believe the moment is coming soon. China must be isolated from the world to avoid a tremendous financial crisis. 

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